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21st Century Press is a cutting edge Christian publishing house with close to 20 years of industry experience. God has blessed us with hundreds of titles including inspirational, prophecy, ministry material, commentaries and more. THERE IS room on their shelves for YOUR book. More>>

21c Publishers was formed to publish the books of Dr. Leonard Coldwell and other well known authors in the field of health and holistic medicine. With the renewed emphasis on health in this nation, look for a number of titles from this imprint. More >


Viewpoint Press
 was formed to allow authors a forum to present their viewpoint. We might not agree with everything you say, but, then again, this is your viewpoint. Viewpoint Press can get your book to the reader, through Amazon or Amazon's Kindle Reader. More>>


sonship-logo1Sonship Books is an imprint that focuses on childrens books, young readers, tweens and teens. Sonship Books currently has published The Lion of Judah, the Missing MemberHeroical StoricalsPhillips Crusadeand Voices from the Middle. We welcome your submission.  More>>


Each of our four Christian publishing imprints serves a different purpose and each has a different audience. For example, 21st Century Press is for authors who are writing for a broad market. We have published titles dealing with prophecy, family, spirituality and pretty much everything that deals with the Christian life. On the other hand, 21c Publishers was formed to publish books in the area of holistic medicine and success. Sonship Books is our young reader imprint. Although our books cover a wide variety of subjects, one thing is true of all of them: professional quality. From the editing to the cover design to the pagination of the complete book, we strive for excellence at every level. Here are just a sampling of the books we have published...




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You have delivered your message to audiences with rave reviews. They all say, "You should write a book!" You are the next bestseller, or at least your family and friends tell you so. More Info...

About Us

21st Century Publishing Group was started by Dr Lee Fredrickson, Dr. James combs and Dr. Ed Hindson. The 21st Century Publishing Group has three imprints, 21st Century Press, 21c Publishers, and sonship Books.  More Info...

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We are always happy when a new author has found the way to our door, because opportunity knocks on both sides of it. Maybe one of the imprints from 21st Century Publishing Group will turn out to be the publisher that you have been looking for for so long, and, who knows, maybe you are that one special author who is going to make our day. Feel free to call Lee Fredrickson, President of the group. His contact information can be found below.

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