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victory-frontVictory Vision
By Phillip Clements

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Victory Vision is a compelling challenge that calls for radical changes starting with unity among the Body of Christ. The key question posed by the author is, Are they part of the Body? The answer may surprise you.

  • Paperback:144 pages
  • Publisher:21st Century Press (January 1, 2008)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0977953521
  • ISBN-13: 978-0977953523





Unless America changes its current course, America will cease to be a great nation. Many are saying that this country will go the way of civilizations past that have forsaken God. It seems that we are well on our way. Indeed we see perilous times in America. It is almost impossible to be shocked anymore. Just looking at the news headlines of today, we see fifth graders having sex in a school classroom as other students watch. In New England an elementary school recently conducted a terrorist drill with the imaginary peril being a crisis brought on by fundamentalist right wing Christians. The truth of the Bible is questioned and reveled on every hand, and that which has traditionally been recognized as sin, glorified and reveled in by our culture. Our nation has chosen a path that leads to devastation and ruin. A path that rejects God and the results are already being seen.


Is there anything that can be done about it? If so, who is supposed to do it? Can the politicians pass legislation and return us to values of the past? Will tougher law enforcement do it? What if we put more cops on the street, call in the National Guard or declare marshal law? Is there anything that can cause America to return to the traditional values that have defined us in the past? Many say that it must happen or America will perish.


The only entity in the earth that has the power, ability and anointing to do the job is the Church. But, can the Church do it? It is the Church that has allowed the situation that we are currently enduring. It is the premise of this book that if it is done, the Church must do it. But until the Church changes it cannot change America. The day and hour that we face demands that the church be the heavenly institution Christ prayed for, and died for. Our hour has come; it can be our finest hour, our greatest time, and our day of divine destiny. Millions of unknowing lost souls hang in the balance. They are perishing and deceived, but we can claim them for the everlasting kingdom. If we continue to do what we are doing it will certainly guarantee their doom. It is what allowed them to get in the condition they are in today. Their salvation and the turning of America back to God calls for radical changes.


Can the Church change America? No! Not unless the Church changes. Can the Church change America? Yes! Yes! Yes! If the Church will change, we can do that which we have never seen. How does it need to change? Pastor Phil Clements gives a prescription for changing America in this book. A strategy for seeing millions of lost souls snatched from death to life. A vision of victory for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ that makes the devil tremble. A prescription from the Word of God to make the Church the anointed, victorious extension of Christ Himself in these last days. I will guarantee you this; you have never read another book like this one. Never has been proposed what is proposed in this book. Are we up to drastic change in the Church? Is there courage, passion and vision enough to do what is necessary?


This book is a call for unity in the Church. I know that it joins a long line of other books dealing with the same subject. Yet, this book is different. In this book I give a plan. Instead of just stating the fact that we need to be in unity, I propose a vision that will facilitate that oneness. A plan that would maintain and protect the doctrines and beliefs that we might hold differently, while providing a framework for us to do a great work, a work that is impossible as we are, a plan that could mean the salvation of millions. Indeed, the turning of America back to God.


In writing this book I realize that the god of this world is also bringing about a unity. He is moving to unite apostate Christianity with other beliefs. In doing so truths are sacrificed, values are altered, heresy is accepted and the gospel is abandoned. All of this is done for the sake of unity. Tolerance is the key word. This is not the unity I am seeking.


I believe that our unity must be with the Body of Christ. Are they a part of the Body? That is the key question. If they are, I need to be one with them. If they are, I need to love them, and be for them rather than against them. If they are not a part of the Body, I have nothing in common with them. If they do not teach, believe and practice a born again experience, they are enemies of the cross. We should not even wish them blessing. We should not help them, facilitate them, or join them.


Please read this book while on your knees. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth concerning the subject of unity. Dream with me of the impossible because the God we serve wants to make it a reality. There lies within our grasp the ability to change America, and America needs changing. I believe that if this doesn’t happen, and America continues unabated on the course it is following, our great nation is doomed. But, can the Church change America? Yes . . . but not until the Church changes. The Church in its present state has allowed the current situation. If it does not change . . . America will not change, but will get worse.


Ask God to reveal His truth. Seek courage to change the course of the Church. I believe that god is poised to pour out His glory on the United States of America, but the key to seeing it is the Church. Can the Church change America? Yes, if the Church changes, and here is what needs to be done.


About the Author

Phillip Clements is a teacher, evangelist, author and pastor. He is the founder and president of a ministry dedicated to bringing unity and godliness to the true Body of Christ, and is a graduate of Central Christian University. Phillip works with leaders from many denominations seeking fresh ways to impact communities for Christ. He is the senior pastor of First Assembly of God in Barnsdall, Oklahoma where he has served for eighteen years. He and his wife Jill have two children, and seven grandchildren.




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