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adaAbout the Book Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorism and endless wars… What is going on in this world? What will happen next? Is there a purpose in all of this human suffering? At 70 years of age author Herbert R. Stollorz took a fresh look at the Bible. By using the same successful research techniques that produced a number of profitable hi-tech patents, he came up with some intriguing and pragmatic explanations of what the Bible has to say concerning the big questions about life on planet earth. Don't expect a theological treatise, rapturous escapism or a lot of footnotes. Instead, you will be challenged by his rational presentation of the soon-coming events that will change your life!

. What does the Bible and science tell us about God? . Why did He create humans? . Why will a loving God judge all nations with seven years of severe trials and tribulation leaving only about 10-20% alive at the end? . What is the purpose for the Apocalypse? Why does it begin in heaven? . What are angels? Can angels die? . How does Noah's Flood help to date the Apocalypse? . How might society's greedy exploitation of nature through genetic manipulation cause the Apocalypse to start even sooner? . What makes Antichrist so different from all the previous world conquerors? . Why is he so evil? What does number 666 mean? . How will Jesus' coming 1,000 year government be structured so that true peace and justice finally becomes reality for all peoples? . What happens when people die? What will hell be like? . What will happen to Israel and the church during the Apocalypse? Why? . What will the New Jerusalem be like? . What does the rainbow really signify?

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 Mystery of Tammuz 17 Book Two:

The 7 Years of Great Tribulation By Herbert Stollorz  


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When the necessity for my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, a followup to Apocalypse Prophesied, became finalized in concept, I needed someone to check out the Hebrew information I mentioned in my books. I needed someone who understood both Judaism and Christianity. In my research I discovered that it was impossible to grasp God’s plan for humanity without including the biblical Scriptures and traditions of these two great religions. This book required a rare combination of expert proficiency. Most scholars are only educated in one of these religions, not both. But God answered my prayer by sending to me Christopher J. Patton, MA, MBA. He worked as an archaeologist in Israel for five years while he completed in master’s degree in that subject at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is also familiar with two modern languages and has studied some ancient ones that are no longer spoken. Since my native tongue is German, I am glad he can speak German, too.
In our working relationship Mr. Patton demonstrated a level of insight that I have rarely found in my Christian circles, even among those who have received outstanding university education. I could send Christopher my first draft of the second book’s chapters, and he would make me aware of how various ancient Hebrew and modern Jewish cultural implications (including the Jewish calendar of festivals and fast days) connected with Bible prophecy. He was a good teacher to me, and we spent a wonderful time together discovering God’s revelation.
He consistently rose before dawn or worked late at night after coming home from his teaching job in order to send me corrected pages. Besides his substantial help with Mystery of Tammuz 17, he also edited and added technical corrections to the first book, Apocalypse Prophesied. He has young children and a wife, yet somehow he balanced his family life with his work. He truly represents a needle in a haystack sent to me by a gracious God. I am deeply indebted to him and to his patient family.
God’s grace has chosen only the best to support me in this message to a religious world and a world power system that is out of control. My sincere hope is that these two books will generate discussion in many circles and that they will educate many, even those who have rarely or never looked through the pages of a Bible.
Most people do not realize that the survival of humanity depends on biblical knowledge. The genetic imprint for the history of mankind is a reality we need to accept. He chose Israel in antiquity for His own reasons, and He will fulfill His remaining promises to them. We must learn and prepare in humble faith for the days of trial and blessing ahead.
Many thanks to you, Christopher, for a sacrifice that only God can reward. You may contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Apocalypse-ProphesiedWhen will the Apocalypse Begin?


This plan includes 6,000 years of human history and 1,000 years of prophetic events yet to take place. With its many verses it has become like a miniature Bible that explains the Creator's plan for humanity and the reasons why we exist. The 10th chapter of this book focuses on the cuckoo clock analogy. It is a summary explanation of special historic events that correspond to parallel events that will take place during the 7 years of the Great Tribulation. We have a saying that history repeats itself, and my two books demonstrate where it does so prophetically.


My second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, explains the methodology I used to determine the dates of the Apocalypse. It also discusses the collapse of our present civilization and other prophesied events of those seven years. I make correlations with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System as well as with the Aztec calendar and the Chinese zodiac cycles.


I invite you to journey with me in these books as we move from one concept to another, presented in roughly the order that I discovered them.



Who am I to Write This?

I never thought I would write a book. I am an inventor of high-tech devices by profession and making cuckoo clocks was once my hobby. These days I spend more time playing my accordion than making clocks. But for the past two years or so, I have spent more time with my computer keyboard than with my accordion's keyboard!

If you want to learn a little bit more about who I am, then read my Appendix, Who is Herbert R. Stollorz? If you are still hung up on the dates, then you can skip to the end and read my Postscript, Can God Change His Schedule?


514 pages



Apocalypse Prophesied Book One

7,000 Years of Bible History & Prophecy By Herbert Stollorz


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What Is the Apocalypse?

The Old and New Testaments of the Bible prophesy a seven-year period of global chaos, suffering, death and destruction popularly known as the Apocalypse, the Last Days, the Great Tribulation or “the end of the world.” These prophetic visions are not easy to understand. They use fantastic symbolism and shift perspectives between heaven and earth. Most prophecies focus on Israel, Jerusalem and the promise of a coming Jewish Messiah who will bring 1,000 years of peace, justice and prosperity to everyone in the world who survives these years of trial.

The big question about these prophecies has always been “when” they will happen. But the questions of “what” and “where” are important too. Many have avoided these questions by simply writing off God as the product of human imagination and relegating the Bible to the world's collection of myths and moral stories. Although proving the validity of the Bible and/or the reality of God is not the objective of my writings, I do think that what I have discovered and share in these pages will confirm both points with conviction.

Daniel, a remarkable Jewish scholar, wrote in 526 BC about several visions he had from God concerning the distant future, which is our present and near future. Some of his predictions have already come to pass—like Jesus appearing as Israel's promised Messiah. That fulfillment of Bible prophecy occurred more than five hundred years after it was written!

Many of Daniel's prophecies have yet take place, and the likelihood of their taking place in the next few years is no less certain than Jesus' birth, death and resurrection were to Daniel in 526 BC. Jesus, when answering his disciples' questions about the last days, told them to study Daniel's prophecies (Matthew 24:15). In AD 96 Jesus gave the apostle John a great deal of additional information, which formed the Bible's last book called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John.” Revelation's prophecies build on Daniel's. Both prophets foretold the end of our present civilization in a series of cataclysmic events similar to the destruction of humanity's first great civilization by the great Flood of Noah's day.

Some Bible scholars have treated these important prophecies about the last days of rebellious human history as spiritual allegories that possess only moral or theological significance. That approach made the question of “when” unnecessary and the prophecies themselves irrelevant to daily life.

Over the centuries other brave souls have dared to forecast the exact date when the Apocalypse would occur. Most were probably sincere. Many made an intentional profit out of their predictions. Of course, all of these past predictions about the dating of the Apocalypse were wrong, so today most refuse to seriously ask the question, “When will these things be?”

Predicting future events requires either a direct revelation from God or some detailed inside information about his plan for the universe. My books cover what the Bible reveals about God's plan for humanity and how that plan follows an observable pattern. If we can decipher that pattern properly, we can accurately predict the details of its outcome, including specific dates and locations.

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